Social Media Marketing


  • Grew the total follower base by 44,000+ across Instagram & Facebook since 2021
  • Started WE RIDE HOGWORKZ Facebook Group 0-8k members

Skills & Software

Copywriting • Graphic Design • Short Form Video Editing • Community Management • Social Calendar • Adobe InDesign • Photoshop • Agorapulse • Buffer

Group Strategy and Audience Targeting:

Facebook groups are big with motorcycle riders. Starting a HOGWORKZ Facebook Group was no brainer. The HOGWORKZ audience skews older and uses Facebook more than any other social media platform. Giving them a place to share their latest upgrades, ask questions about HOGWORKZ products, and talk about everything motorcycles has been an excellent way to further grow the community.

Content Strategy and Posting Schedule:

The group pretty much runs itself, but I do post a few engaging questions / post topics throughout the year, like “how many miles did you ride there year?” Or where are you riding this summer?” These questions have turned into some of the group’s largest posts, garnering a few hundred responses.


Growth Strategies:

To kickstart growth we ran a headlight giveaway. I utilized our email list and social media channels to drive traffic and grow the group.

After the initial launch, I created these promotions to sustain the growth:

  • Welcome email flow: I created an email in our welcome flow that introduced the Facebook Group and encouraged riders to share photos of their bike in the group.
  • Customer Service Banner: I also made a banner signature on all HW customer service emails that links to the group.
  • Social Media Responses: Anytime a customer asks questions about a specific part in the comments of our social media ads, I’ll post a link to the group and ask them to share their parts once they’re installed with the Facebook Group.
  • Welcome Flyer: I created a section in our welcome flyer that goes out with every order. This section has a brief description of the group and contains a QR code that links directly to the Group.

The email banner & welcome flow email have resulted in multiple daily posts and steady member growth.


Engagement Activities:

Group exclusive contests go on throughout the year. One of the more popular contests is our garage sign giveaway, where members share a photo of their garage in the comments to win a HW garage sign. This contest saw 260+ entries this year.


Community Management: 

Encouraging Member Interactions: I actively engage with photo / video posts, asking targeted questions about members’ bikes. This spurs conversation, fosters a sense of community, and gets posts seen by a wider audience organically. Members take pride in their bikes and enjoy sharing details.

Proactive Customer Support: The group serves as a platform for addressing customer service inquiries and product questions publicly. This allows for prompt and transparent responses, and often, fellow members jump in with helpful answers, creating a supportive and knowledgeable atmosphere.

The WE RIDE HOGWORKZ Facebook group is like having an extra community driven HOGWORKZ Facebook