SEO Strategy

  • Organic traffic is up by 59.06% on since June 2021
  • Discovered & fixed a Japanese keyword hack on

Skills & Software

Ahrefs • Google Search Console • Google Analytics • A.I. Prompts • Keyword Research

HOGWORKZ’s website has undergone a remarkable transformation, and the results speak for themselves. Here’s how my SEO strategy fueled a near 60% organic traffic surge since the relaunch:

  • Keyword Domination: Meticulously integrating relevant keywords throughout product titles, descriptions, meta descriptions, alt tags, and categories has propelled HOGWORKZ to the top of Google searches for our core keywords.
  • Long-Tail Keywords: Creating product pages down to the individual colors like “Redline Red Saddlebags,” ensure we capture long-tail searches, bringing highly qualified customers directly to the products they seek.
  • Bike-Specific Menu Category Structure: By creating dedicated “by bike” categories, HOGWORKZ dominates searches like “Street Glide parts,” directing ready-to-buy customers straight to our website.
  • Color Menu Category Structure: “By color” categories position HOGWORKZ at the top for all Harley colors. These comprehensive pages showcase every relevant part in one convenient location, making shopping a breeze.
  • SEO-Enriched Categories: SEO-rich descriptions and high-quality photos within each part category section contribute to even higher rankings for those specific Harley parts.
  • Long-Form Install Guides: Capitalizing on a gap in the market, we’ve developed long-form install blogs modeled after detailed instructions found in classic Harley magazines. These blog posts, featuring embedded videos, step-by-step instructions with screenshots, and AI-generated, easy-to-read instructions, not only provide valuable content for customers but also rank highly for relevant search terms.

This comprehensive SEO strategy has allowed HOGWORKZ to compete and sometimes beat Harley-Davidson in the rankings. We’ve also overtaken existing competitors and established a strong position against new entrants in the market. By prioritizing relevant keywords, creating detailed content, and catering to specific user needs, HOGWORKZ has become a go-to destination for motorcycle riders.

Keyword Growth