• HOWGORKZ 2022 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Promotion saw a 110% YOY sales increase
  • The 10mm Welcome flyer has had surprise & delight written all over it
  • Sold 150 Sparrow guitars in 30 days with the close out webpage & email promotion
  • Created an ad for Aria Pro II Guitars that was in Guitar Player Magazine

Skills & Software

A/B Testing • Copywriting • Graphic Design • HTML/CSS • Adobe InDesign • Photoshop • Klaviyo • Mailchimp  Attentive

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday plan I put together drove a 110% increase over 2021 sales. Including a 120% increase on Black Friday and 164% increase on Cyber Monday.

Here’s how I did it.

Step 1. Facebook Ads: One week before Black Friday I ran a pre-Black Friday awareness campaign targeting previous purchasers and people following HOGWORKZ FB/IG pages. In the same campaign, I created separate Black Friday / Cyber Monday ads that were turned on / off each day along with special BF/CM abandoned cart ads. This allowed the campaign to “learn” a week before the sale, helping to deliver the best results.

These video/gifs ads cycled through products within a similar category and included calculated discount price.

Step 2. Giveaways: I set up giveaways with 3 influencers we’d previously worked with, along with a separate giveaway for our Facebook Group (which I also built from 0 to 8k). This worked wonders because these influencers were crossposting about the contests and our BF sale daily, drawing more eyeballs to our website.

Step 3. Google Ads: I created a new ad set within our branded search campaign using keywords like “hogworkz coupon”, “hogworkz black friday”, etc. All the headlines referenced our 10% discount and BF/CM sale.

Step 4. Email Marketing + Abandoned Cart Email + SMS

3 days before the sale, I sent an email to our list featuring the 4 giveaways and hyping up the BF/CM sale. After that, one email was sent Thursday-Tuesday. Each email featured a product gif and highlighted one giveaway.

I created BF/CM specific abandoned cart emails with a code for 10% discount 24 hours after the sale was over.

We sent out 2 SMS campaigns for the first time. These achieved a 16.5% click rate on Black Friday & 15.3% click rate on Cyber Monday.

The results of this plan equated to a nice sales bump in the slowest part of the year for a motorcycle parts brand.

All parts created and executed by me. (Strategy, copy, ad setup, email design & graphics)




Inspired by an awesome welcome experience I had when ordering from, I thought HOGWORKZ could benefit from a similar customer engagement strategy. Since we ship thousands of motorcycle parts every month, I proposed a physical token of appreciation to be included with each order.


My research on the motorcycle market revealed a running joke about the constant disappearance of 10mm sockets. This sparked the idea of including branded HOGWORKZ 10mm sockets in every order. Initially, the management team was unsure. However, a personal experience during a parts test-fitting session – where a missing 10mm socket caused a delay – convinced them of the idea’s merit.

Within days, we ordered 5,000 branded 10mm sockets, and I began designing the welcome flyer that now accompanies most shipments.



The customer response has been overwhelmingly positive. People have been reaching out via email, phone calls, product reviews, and social media praising the initiative and even posting photos of the sockets on social media. Since these sockets are a key tool for anyone who likes wrenching on things, these 10mms are likely to become a permanent fixture in their toolbox… until they disappear lol – a constant reminder of HOGWORKZ’s commitment to its customers.


I built out an entire sales page for each guitar, featuring photos, specs, and pricing. The LPD sales team was able to move through these guitars quickly with these sales pages, rather than describing these guitars over the phone and emailing photos.


Web Page Intro for Sparrow Guitars Closeout



Sparrow Guitars Closeout Promotional Email

I designed this ad for Guitar Player Magazine in collaboration with the LPD team. I had the idea to include a QR code that linked to a sales page I created. 

The page included:

  • QR Code with UTM tracking
  • Photo galleries of each color option that changed on click
  • A demo videos
  • Aria Dealer map
  • Direct link to these guitars for sale on
  • Testimonial from guitar interactive magazine

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see the Google Analytics data and see how many clicks it generated.