Project Management


  • Migrated HOGWORKZ website from Magento 1 to Magento 2, enabling significant growth (300 pages to 6,000+) and strategic SEO improvements.
  • Led a collaborative effort to launch the new website with continued enhancements, resulting in a 134% sales increase and a 59% boost in organic traffic.
  • Rescued LPD Music’s website from security breaches, spam emails, and poor performance by migrating to a secure host, fixing email settings, and cleaning up a hack. 
  • Revamped LPD’s outdated 280-page catalog by cleaning inconsistencies, removing out-of-stock items, and creating user-friendly tables for faster product scanning. 
  • Prepared LPD for e-commerce by building a CSV file from the catalog using a custom Python scraper. This data populated a test WooCommerce website.

Skills & Software

Magento 1 & 2 • WordPress / Woocommerce • SEO Best Practices • Copywriting • Adobe InDesign • UX/UI Design  Google Analytics  Google Search Console  Lead Generation  Graphic Design  Siteground  Nexcess  Elementor

My first project as a full-time employee at HOGWORKZ was a critical one: migrating the company’s website from the outdated Magento 1 platform to Magento 2. With Magento 1 reaching its end of life in 2020, this move ensured seamless operation and access to the latest features.

Massive Expansion with a Strategic Approach:

The original site, with around 300 pages, was due for a significant upgrade. The new platform allowed for substantial growth, expanding to an initial 3,700 pages (currently exceeding 6,000). However, quantity wasn’t the only focus. We implemented a strategic approach to SEO by transforming color match offerings from a single dropdown menu to individual product pages. This meticulous detail, along with careful title, description, and meta description optimization, targeted specific long-tail searches related to parts and color combinations.

Leading a Collaborative Effort:

The project’s success wasn’t a solo endeavor. I oversaw a remote development team, collaborating via weekly video calls and utilizing communication tools like Slack, Jira, and Microsoft Teams throughout the week. This ensured everyone was on the same page, leading to efficient problem-solving and new functionality development.

Beyond the Launch: Continued Enhancements:

The website’s launch in February 2022, right at the beginning of the riding season, marked a significant milestone. However, our commitment to improvement continued.

Here are some key post-launch accomplishments:

  • Dealer login and wholesale pricing version of the site
  • Dealer signup form
  • Ability to bulk update product add ons & install videos
  • Redesigned Dealer map
  • Clean mobile menu
  • Main Blog page design
  • Speed Improvements
  • Fitment table implementation

Measurable Results:

The impact of the redesigned and migrated website goes beyond aesthetics. Here are some impressive metrics showcasing success:

  • Sales Growth: Sales have skyrocketed by a staggering 134% compared to the same period in 2020-2021.
  • Increased Order Value: Customers are placing larger orders, with the average order value jumping by 12.3%.
  • Organic Traffic Boost: Our SEO efforts paid off, with organic traffic flourishing by 59%.
  • Thriving Wholesale Sector: Wholesale orders have also seen a significant increase.


This project was not just about migrating a website; it was about propelling HOGWORKZ into the future of e-commerce. The redesigned website, coupled with strategic SEO initiatives and ongoing functionalities, has demonstrably improved user experience, driven sales, and solidified HOGWORKZ’s position as a leader in the motorcycle parts industry.

When I joined LPD Music, their online presence was in dire need of help. Their website suffered from numerous problems: sluggish performance, bad design, outbound emails hitting spam folders, and, as I later discovered, a hack that had compromised the site for months.

Step-by-Step Transformation:

Solid Foundation: Migrating the website to a secure and reliable hosting provider with Siteground was the first critical step. This ensured faster loading times and a more secure environment.

Email Overhaul: Updating all employee email setups revealed a crucial security flaw – none of the emails were configured for secure sending. I implemented proper POP and IMAP settings along with DMARC and DKIM protocols, effectively eliminating the spam issue.

Cleaning Up the Aftermath: Setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console unveiled a Japanese keyword hack that had infiltrated the website months before my arrival. I meticulously purged the compromised files and disavowed bad pages, removing countless hacked pages filled with irrelevant Japanese content.

Modernization and Optimization: With the foundation secured, it was time for a website redesign. 

This included:

  •  Addressing design flaws, optimizing image sizes for faster loading, and creating responsive mobile and tablet versions for improved user experience.
  • Implementing brand-specific pages better search engine ranking and easier selling for the sales team.
  • Setting up an email collection system to capture potential customer information.
  • Reconnecting the live inventory feed.
  • Rebuilding the dealer portal. Breaking the 280 page catalog into 8 sections for faster navigation. Adding downloadable media sections for Danelectro & Aria Pro II guitars. Created closeout section for Sparrow, Fret King, and Vintage guitars.

Results: A Website That Works

The revitalized LPD Music website empowered the sales team with a functional and professional online platform. Faster loading times, a secure email system, and a user-friendly design all contributed to a more positive customer experience and increased sales opportunities.

Following the website’s successful overhaul, I tackled the next challenge: LPD’s sprawling 280-page InDesign catalog. Years of edits and contributions had left it riddled with inconsistencies.

  • A comprehensive cleanup addressed formatting inconsistencies, ensuring a polished and cohesive look throughout the catalog.
  • Hundreds of out-of-stock products were removed, freeing up space for relevant offerings. Layouts were updated for both new and existing products.
  • Walls of text were transformed into user-friendly tables with alternating gray and white rows. This simplified product information for quick scanning by the sales team and customers.

The catalog’s vastness presented a challenge – how to navigate it efficiently? The solution involved breaking it down into sections within the dealer portal. This allowed for:

  • Complete Catalog: The full 280-page catalog remained accessible for reference.
  • Consumer Catalog: A version with only retail pricing. That was used as a lead magnet for new email subscribers
  • Sectioned Navigation: Eight dedicated sections offered dealers a faster way to locate specific product categories.

The revitalized catalog laid the groundwork for LPD’s future e-commerce venture. However, a crucial piece was missing – a comprehensive CSV file to populate the online store.

  • To bridge this gap, I exported the catalog to HTML format.
  • Using python I created a web scraper to extract all essential data – titles, descriptions, pricing, SKUs, and images – and organize it into a well-structured CSV file.
  • The resulting CSV file was successfully imported into a test WooCommerce website, forming the foundation for their online catalog.

This project not only brought order to the physical catalog but also paved the way for LPD’s transition into the e-commerce world.