Pay Per Click Advertising


  • Delivered a 9X ROAS with Google, Facebook, and Bing ads in 2023
  • Improved Google PMAX ads by specifying campaigns and products
  • Consolidated Facebook ad campaigns for more efficient performance
  • Implemented first seasonal ad spend

Skills & Software

Copywriting • Graphic Design • Short Form Video Editing • Adobe InDesign • Photoshop • Google Ads Manager • A/B Testing • A.I. Prompts • Facebook Business Manager • Google Merchant Center • UTM tags • Google Analytics • Google Tag Manager

PMAX Setup & Strategy

I spearheaded HOGWORKZ’s transition to Performance Max campaigns from traditional Google Shopping campaigns. Initially, I tested the waters with a single PMax campaign, using asset groups for each of their four main product categories. This initial campaign ran throughout the 2022 season and performed ok.

To optimize performance and gain more control, I restructured the approach. Each asset group was segmented into its own PMax campaign, resulting in a total of five campaigns: four dedicated to specific product groups and one “catch-all” campaign for miscellaneous items. This allowed for tailored budgets based on product popularity and profitability..

To maximize return on ad spend, I implemented a seasonal budgeting strategy. This allowed us to allocate more resources to high-traffic periods like spring and summer, while strategically reducing spend during slower winter months. This approach ensured optimal campaign performance throughout the year.

The Results Speak for Themselves:

By creating product-specific PMax campaigns and implementing a seasonal ad spend strategy, we witnessed a significant increase in advertising efficiency. This translated to  33.67% year-over-year sales growth from 2022 to 2023.

Navigating the iOS 15 Update Challenge:

Taking over Facebook Ads right after the iOS update presented a hurdle. Duplicate events from our pixel inflated our numbers and limited iPhone user data. Despite these challenges, I adapted and evolved the ad creatives.

Tracking Success in a New Landscape:

Since iPhone data was limited, I prioritized alternative tracking methods like ad engagement, UTM URLs, outbound clicks, and CTR (click-through rate) to gauge effectiveness. This data-driven approach also led to the creation of our highly successful first abandoned cart ad campaign.

Strategic Restructuring for Enhanced Results:

Mirroring the Google Ads approach, I restructured Facebook ad sets by product category. This eliminated overlap in the meta ad auction, leading to a more efficient campaign structure. I implemented a seasonal ad spend strategy, ensuring optimal campaign performance year-round.

Record-Breaking Results:

The revamped Facebook Ads strategy delivered immediate positive results in the 2024 riding season, shattering year-over-year sales records.


Meta ads that I’m currently managing: