Email / SMS Marketing


  • Achieved a 47.98% open rate and 3.22% click rate average on email campaigns in 2023
  • Set up the first abandoned cart flow with a 60% open rate with a 12% click rate
  • 354% email list growth since June 2022
  • Segmented the email list by bike type to serve relevant content and products
  • Created automated color confirmation emails, saving the customer service team 240 hours per year

Skills & Software

A/B Testing • Copywriting • Graphic Design • HTML/CSS • Adobe InDesign • Photoshop • Klaviyo • Mailchimp  Attentive

After completing the website redesign of My next project was establishing email marketing at HOGWORKZ. Previously campaigns were only sent on Black Friday.

First step was to add an email collection pop up.

We decided to use a monthly $1000 gift card giveaway as a lead magnet. A high dollar lead magnet is perfect because its high enough value to get people to actually sign up. The other added benefit is it’s not a discount. By not offering a 20% off with email signup we weren’t training customers to wait to buy till there was a discount.

I had the idea to ask a customer’s bike type when signing up. This segmented HW’s list by bike type, giving me the ability to send customers relevant content and parts for their specific bike.

The lead magnet pop up was instantly successful and has grown HW email & SMS list by 354% since June 2022. Plus an extremely favorable CPL vs LTV.

During the busy season, 2-3  campaigns per month are sent out, based around new content or new products. With the help of A/B testing and list cleaning, I’m averaging a 47.98% open rate with with a 3.22% click rate. 

Once someone joins HOGWORKZ mailing list, they enter the welcome flow. The entire list receives the same 4 emails.

Then the flow splits to bike specific emails. Emails send every 2 weeks.

This flow has an average open rate of 52.45% with a 7% click rate.

Email #1:

Right Image

Using Klaviyo’s trigger filters, I created an email automation to confirm the color of a customer’s bike after placing an order.

This email dynamically generates the customer’s order number, shipping address and bike color.

Previously the customer service team would have to manually call or email each customer as orders were placed. This saves the team roughly 240 hours per year contacting customers.

Since they’re transactional, these emails have a 95% open rate. I saw this as an opportunity to share a video showcasing our paint department so customers can see how our paint operation works.

I also A/B tested adding related products to the bottom of the email which has brought in a significant amount of revenue since its addition.

Right Image

I setup HOGWORKZ first abandoned cart email flow.

Subject lines and email design have been constantly A/B tested to keep improving the results.

Version 1

Right Image

Version 7 (after A/B testing)

Right Image

I’ve seen an average 21% click rate on 9 SMS campaigns.

Currently testing abandoned cart and browsing automations. So far they’ve seen 60% click rates, but its still early.

Corrected a spam email problem for LPD Music. When I started emails were hitting the spam folder. They were using gmail accounts to communicate with vendors and some customers.

Though MX toolbox I discovered LPD’s DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records were setup incorrectly. I properly configured those settings and email deliverability normalized.