Writing copy is my favorite part of marketing. The idea of selling without speaking has always appealed to me.

I started studying copywriting in 2017 after taking Neville Medhora’s Copywriting Course. This course gave me a strong copywriting foundation. From there I read books (and hand wrote ads) from all the greats like Gary Halbert, Joe Sugarman, David Oglviy, Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, Eugene Schwartz, Jay Abraham and many more.

I genuinely enjoy the process of assembling copy. This always starts with doing the research before a headline is ever written. I aim to uncover all the desires, emotions, pain points, benefits, and end results within a product. Then I’ll read hundreds of reviews and social comments to get a feel for the customer’s language. From there I’ll begin crafting copy that resonates with your audience.

Skills & Software

SEO Copywriting • Social Media Copywriting • Email Marketing Copy • Product Descriptions • PPC Copy • A/B Testing • A.I. Prompts • Adobe InDesign • Google Ads Manager • Facebook Business Manager • Google Workspace  Klaviyo  Mailchimp  Wordpress • 

Google sample ads with multiple versions of Harley part copy.


Meta ad set with multiple versions of Saddlebag Liner copy.


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Meta ad set with multiple versions of LED lighting copy.

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This copy is part of HW’s email welcome flow. It highlights the benefits of upgrading to an LED headlight from stock.

I used tags from this copy across Google, Facebook ads, social media posts, product descriptions, and more


The copy: 

Subject Line: 💡 Bright is an Understatement ⚡️

Preview Text: Ride With Confidence, Day or Night!

Out with the old, in with the NEW!

Stock headlights look like candles compared to our LED HALOMAKER® Headlights!

HALOMAKER® headlights produce a brilliant LED light that will keep you safe on the road and give your Street Glide a modern look.

These lights feature our signature white HALO DRL and produce an extremely bright white light that other drivers can’t ignore.

Burns brighter, lasts longer, looks cooler.

Starting at the atomic level, our LEDs emit photons (light) through the principle of electroluminescence.

This process allows LED lights to use less energy while staying lit up to 100,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours for incandescent bulbs.

Our lifetime warranty guarantees these will be the last lights you’ll ever buy for your bike.

Installation is a breeze!

Our simple plug-n-play install allows you to swap out your headlight in about the same time it takes to drink a beer. Includes all the parts you’ll need to finish the job.

Buzz free anti-interference design

There is no shortage of cheap LED solutions, but saving a penny might net you a buzzing headlight that cripples your bike’s radio signal.

HOGWORKZ® specifically designed our 7″ LED Headlights to use anti-interference electronics and passive (no hum) cooling.

Gain the full advantage of an LED Headlight without losing a radio signal.

Blow out that candle with our HALOMAKER®

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Saddlebag liner product description. I reused taglines from this copy across many ads & social media posts.


The copy:

Unlined bags can turn into a mess quickly.

With HOGWORKZ® diamond stitched saddlebag liners, keep your bags organized and look good doing it! Complete with multiple stash pockets, easily secure your important documents, cell phones, tools and more. Made from durable police/military style synthetic leather, adding liners to your bags provides an extra layer of padding between your belongings and the road.

These drop-in liners install in a flash and have been expertly engineered to hug every curve of your saddlebags. Industrial strength velcro ensures these liners will stay in place and become one with your bags. Available in a variety of custom colored stitching, HOGWORKZ® saddlebag liners will quickly add a touch of class and functionality to your bagger.

Designed to work with all Harley-Davidson® OEM Stretched / CVO™ Tapered Saddlebags.

This print flyer is sent with all orders. The flyer helps customers learn more and build trust with the HOGWORKZ brand.

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Aria only provided stock photos to market the Delta Player line.

I decided to create sales pages on LPD’s website to help the sales team sell these guitars to music shops.

These pages had the added benefit of increasing SEO reach, while giving this guitar line a more professional appearance.


The copy: 

Pack your bags and come on down to the Crossroads with Aria’s Delta Player series. The Orchestra Model Guitar has curves like the Mississippi River and sounds just as powerful. A thinner body than the Dreadnaught, richer sound than the Parlor, the Orchestra Model is comfortable to play without sacrificing sound. The OM’s crisp, clear, “bell like” tone is perfect for blues style finger picking and arpeggiated chords.

Orchestra Model guitar first appeared in the early 1920s, originally created to stand out in a sea of sound produced by orchestral instruments of the time. The OM was adopted by early delta bluesmen like Freddie Spruell. He used an OM guitar to record “Milk Cow Blues” which is considered the first delta blues style song ever laid down on wax.

The Delta Player’s spruce top, mahogany neck, and muddy brown satin finish perfectly recreate the delta blues era look, feel, and sound. Hear that Crossroads sound each time you pickup your Delta Player.

Interested in bringing the Delta Player line to your shop? Contact your LPD rep today!

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