My Portfolio


Copywriting • Graphic Design • Web Design • HTML/CSS  SEO Best Practices • Google Ads  Social Media (paid, influencer & organic) • Email Marketing  Project Management

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Google & Facebook Ads
  • Web Design
  • SEO Best Practices
  • Social Media (paid, influencer & organic)
  • Email Marketing
  • Project Management


Adobe InDesign • Photoshop • Illustrator • WordPress • Woocommerce • Elementor • Google Ads • Facebook Ads • Klaviyo • Magento 2 • Ahrefs •  Google Workspace • Google Analytics • Google Search Console Buffer • Agorapulse • Mail Chimp •  Siteground • Slack • Asana • Teams • Python(basic knowledge)

  • Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • WordPress, Woocommerce, Elementor
  • Klaviyo
  • Magento 2
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Workspace, Analytics, Search Console
  • Buffer
  • Agorapulse
  • Mail Chimp
  • Siteground
  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Teams

Current Role


Head of marketing at the industry leader in aftermarket Harley-Davidson color-matched body work, LED Lighting, and motorcycle accessories.

Past Work

LPD Music International (2019-2021)

LPD is a wholesale musical instrument and pro audio distributor that’s been in business since 1963. They are the exclusive USA distributor for Danelectro & Aria Pro II guitars.

Projects I Managed at LPD

Reestablishing Aria Pro II Guitars

Complete Website Redesign

  • Rebuilt LPD’s website, it’s now more user and mobile friendly
  • Oversaw the migration of to secure hosting
  • Configured SEO and increased organic web traffic to by 315%
  • Increased page speed by 35%
  • Created product pages for Aria acoustic guitars, Aria Pro II, and Paracho Elite mariachi instruments
  • Created closeout webpages pages for Sparrow, Fret King & Vintage guitars
    • These pages have helped sell over 180 “new old stock” guitars in a short amount of time
    • I designed the web pages, took all photos, and wrote the copy
  • Improved UI/UX the dealer portal, helping dealers place orders faster
    • Added exclusive brand price sheets and created stock photo media galleries
  • Discovered had been hacked before I started, took steps to correct it
  • Put together a plan for an e-commerce back end that would allow dealers to place their orders online

Automation of MAP Price Enforcement

  • Conceptualized, built, and deployed a python script saving the LPD sales team 300+ hours per year
  •  The script checks the Minimum Advertised Price of Danelectro & Aria products on major reseller platforms
    • In only 10 minutes, my script loops through all Danelectro products, then exports any MAP violations to a CSV file
    • An automated MAP policy, keeps prices stable and competitive for LPD’s dealers

Maintaining LPD's Wholesale & Retail Catalogs

  • Revamped LPD’s 283 page catalog that had been touched by many hands
  • Fixed a broken table of contents
  • Cleaned up sloppy design and inconsistency issues
  • Generating both wholesale and consumer catalogs
  • Constantly added and removed products
  • Designing page layouts for new products
  • Improved UX by adding grey/white tables for easy and accurate scanning
  • Using python, I converted the entire PDF catalog to a CSV with a corresponding image folder. Then created a working test site in Woocommerce

Social Media & Email Marketing

  • Generated 800+ qualified leads from LPD’s Instagram page
  • Grew @lpdmusic from 109 to 1400+ followers
  • Took from 0 to 2100+ followers organically
  • Created social media content for Danelectro’s (118k) and Aria’s (17k) official social media pages
  • Created cross promo content pairing Right On! Guitar Straps with Danelectro and Aria guitars. These posts were shared across Danelectro, Aria, and Right On! Straps official social media pages 
  • Corrected a spam email problem. Configured spam protection implementing DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records
  • Reengaged an email list that had been dormant for over a year
  • Added email collection to with a welcome flow that brought in hundreds of warm leads

1 Effin’ Ink (2017-2018)

An Experiment in Web Design, Marketing, and Screen Printing

With no previous experience, I built an e-commerce website for my print business using WordPress/Woocommerce. Clients were able to upload artwork, design shirts, and place orders completely online. I drove traffic to the site through influencer marketing and social media. 

Shirt Razor (2014-2017)

Screen Printing Business I operated with a Co-Owner

Running every aspect of a print business was crash course in business management. Marketing to attract new clients, clearly communicating to ensure a perfect order, correctly ordering job materials, preparing artwork for press, counting in shirts, the actual screen printing process, quality control, recounting tees, delivering them to the customer ON TIME, billing, asking for referrals and repeat! 

This business was growing, but the physical grind of printing was wearing me out. In 2016, I started on the path to a career change in digital marketing.

Grip Gear/Gripzee (2008-2013)

In 2009, I had an idea for a shirt with grip patches on the front, sleeves and sides that helped warehouse workers secure goods as they filled orders. Received serious interest from GRAINGER, DELTA AIRLINES, MCKESSON, LOWES, and more. 

I was granted a utility patent for this concept. US20100229278A1. My patent has been cited as prior art by companies like NIKE, UNDER ARMOUR, & COLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR.

Taking this idea to market taught me many lessons: 

  • Writing a complete business plan
  • Preparing for national trade shows
  • Product development, testing, and design
  • What it takes to patent a product
  • My first exposure to writing copy, designing sales pages, and creating brochures
  • Pivoting the technology to a baby onesie and securing a deal with, still didn’t work…

Ultimately I was too inexperienced and under capitalized to bring this product to market. Although not successful, Grip Gear/Gripzee was valuable learning experience.

Touring Musician/Merica Printing (2005-2013)

Wish I still had that hair haha

As a touring musician I helped book tours and promote albums. While on the road I gained experience working with different personalities, in close quarters (tour van, no trailer) to reach common goals. 

During this time, I started screen printing to increase the profitability of our merch. I networked with other bands and made money between tours printing for them.

We toured the USA 8 times with many weekend runs in between. The longest tour was a 45 day self booked run through 43 different states.